Alpiteco’s production machines

  • 2 offset printing machines format 1200x1600mm
  • 2 full-automatic platen printing presses
  • 3 semi-automatic platen printing presses
  • 1 laminating machine
  • 1 carton folding and gluing machine

Production process

Offset printing
The offset printing is a printing technique with lots of advantages:

  • high definition and resolution images
  • high quality printing also on materials which are not perfectly smooth

Post-printing treatments
UV coating, embossing, serigraphy, plastic coating, drip-off printing, etc.

The laminating is a process that permits to create a unique resistant sheet, attaching the printed sheet (folding carton) to different types of boards, like corrugated boards E, F, B, EE, EB.

Die cutting
The die cutting is a process, which includes the operations of cutting and creasing, necessary to shape the sheets according to the customers’ needs.

Folding and gluing
The folding and gluing are the operations, which permit to fold and glue different types of die-cut cardboards.